Mexico is a land of diversity, steeped in tradition yet boasting a distinctly modern flair. It is all things to all visitors. With a landscape that includes lush tropical coastlines, endless kilometres of sandy beaches, ancient ruins, deserts and jagged mountains, Mexico is unique in its ability to offer world-class beach resorts, historic architecture, ancient sites, rich culture and ecotourism adventures.

Come roam my shores&

Come bask on one of Mexico's many beaches. Imagine the soft white sand trickling through your toes, the cool ocean breeze caressing your face, and the warm golden sun stroking your skin. Enjoy the often-unexplored exotic beaches of the Pacific Coast and visit Huatulco, Puerto Escondido or Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. If it's paradise you're looking for, why not relax in a hammock with a breathtaking view of crystal clear waters, fine white sand and lush flora? Enjoy the offerings of the Gulf Coast and explore the Riviera Maya: Isla Mujeres, Cancún, Cozumel or Playa del Carmen. If it's rejuvenation you seek, or being at one with nature, then the Sea of Cortés is the place for you. Tucked behind remote roads in Los Cabos, you will marvel at the wonders of deserted beaches embracing incredible rocky formations and hidden coves.

Come solve my mysteries&

Mexico's fascinating and legendary history has been an attraction for many throughout the years. In Mexico's central regions, culture and history run thick with an array of captivating tales and intriguing archaeological finds. Throughout the country's Gulf Coast and southern regions, visitors gain insight into religious practices and dwellings of Mexico's ancient civilizations, and witness amazing architectural structures, which continue to astonish modern-day explorers with their technical designs and exquisite detail. Exploring Mexico's northern territories allows one to catch a glimpse of the past through nature, ancient ruins, and colonial buildings. From Teotihuacán to Cholula to Palenque. From Tulum to Uxmal to Coba. No matter where your travels in Mexico take you, you'll always uncover the majestic mystery and charms of this captivating and intriguing archaeological wonder.

Come explore my waters&

Mexico invites you to come and explore its abundant bays and spectacular seas. From Los Cabos to Mazatlán to Cancún, Mexico boasts the most extensive selection of seaside and freshwater activities in the world. So why not immerse yourself in the waters of Mexico and partake in fishing, diving, thrilling water sports or sunset cruises? Or why not explore cenotes, fresh water caverns found throughout the Yucatan Peninsula? Whatever your sense of adventure, the waters of Mexico await you.

Come savour my cuisine&

Indulge yourself with the celebrated cuisine of Mexico. Delight in an infinite assortment of savoury soups, rich sauces, and specialties of every region. From enchiladas and guacamole, to mole and chiles en nogada, awaken your palate and enjoy the zest of Mexican cuisine. But don't stop there. Mexico offers an array of spirited beverages, cocktails and beer to compliment your meal. Or why not try a fine Mexican wine? The legendary history of winemaking in Mexico dates back as early as the sixteenth century and its fine quality products have recently received top honours in Brussels and Bordeaux.

Come meet my people&

Come to Mexico and experience the warmth and hospitality of its people. Let your heart be captivated by their generosity and smiles. Come feel the magic--- past, present and future.

Whatever your interest, look no further than the beauty and natural splendour of Mexico.

Come and be a part of it all.

Mexico, closer than ever!