Wednesday February 22, 2006
Canadians murdered in Mexico
Nelly Patrick, Natalie Alcoba, National Post, A1/ Dale Brazao, Betsy Powell, Toronto Star, A1/ Nelly Patrick, Natalie Alcoba, The Ottawa Citizen, A4/ Olivier Moore, The Globe and Mail, A7/ The Gazette, A18/ Le Droit, 2/ Metro 4/ Laura-Julie Perrault, La Presse, A20/

Air might not be reaching Mexican miners
Olga R. Rodriguez, The Gazette, A19/

Hotel showdown
Toronto Star, E8/

Harper doesnt see quick softwood fix
Steven Chase, The Globe and Mail, B9/ National Post, P2/

McKay trip puts focus on Europe
Graham Fraser, Toronto Star, A8/

Support for Tories climbs in poll
Gloria Galloway, The Globe and Mail, A1/

Samuel Manu-Tech expands to Mexico
The Gazette, B7/

U.S. trade deficit is an all in the family affair
Neil Reynolds, The Globe and Mail, B2/

Sneaking across the border
Vito Pillieci, The Ottawa Citizen, A3/