Mexican culture may be defined as a rich and proud search that comprises interpretations of diverse historical periods, changes in styles, individual and collective proposals and means of expression common to Mexican artistic production.

Mexico is a pioneer in the integration of all art formspopular art, sculpture, photography, music, painting, filmand what until recently were considered minor arts: textiles, ceramics, glass, silver and gold work.

Among the Mexican symbols that the artists and intellectuals of the Revolution recovered, the death symbol is the one that has produced the greatest wealth of material. The sense of traumatic reality in historical events, and the tragedy of everyday life have been elevated into works of art in daily life.

A category of Mexican art worth preserving is one that is not easily classified as a particular genre because of its hybrid and exuberant quality.

Lavish decoration and the blending of many artistic forms have allowed Mexicans to distinguish themselves by displaying a certain cultural loyalty to our taste, an expression of what we are and wish to be.

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