Work permit (Canadian Citizens)

We appreciate your interest in working in Mexico. If you are looking for an employment opportunity in our country, please note that the Mexican Embassy does not offer any assistance in obtaining employment in Mexico. However, you may wish to consider the following options:

Individuals are responsible for conducting their own research (possibilities include contacting head-hunters, transferring to the Mexican branch of a Canadian company doing business in Mexico, or contacting Mexican companies directly). However, please be aware that Mexican immigration regulations limit the job categories to which foreigners may apply. Therefore, permits are restricted to positions in certain sectors experiencing labour shortages.

A company or any entity (school, hotel, etc.) interested in contracting a job-seeker's services must obtain the proper permit through the National Institute of Migration of the Ministry of the Interior (Instituto Nacional de Migración, Secretaría de Gobernación), in Mexico City at:

Ejército Nacional #862
Col. Los Morales
Sección Palmas
CP 11540
México, D.F.

To acquire this permit outside of Mexico City, the company must make the request through the regional offices of the Ministry of the Interior.

Canadian citizens who have been offered a position in a Mexican company or who are intra-company transferees, may enter Mexico as business people and begin performing remunerative activities, once the company's human resources department has obtained the proper migratory status for them; or they may obtain a visa through the Embassy if the Mexican company or branch requests a permit (Permiso de Internación) from the National Institute of Immigration prior to the employee entering Mexico, and asks that the visa be issued in Canada through the Mexican Embassy's Consular Section or any of its Consulates in Canada. This second option may also allow the Mexican Consulate to issue the permit for importing household goods.

Please be informed that your prospective employer may request that you present documents proving your academic and labour skills that have been legalized by the Mexican Embassy or Consulate.