One of the best ways to learn about a country and remain up-to-date on its current events is by reading its newspapers on a regular and frequent basis. In Mexico, a number of media sources have Internet web pages, while some organizations offer analysis and news summaries, some of which are also available in English. This section includes several links that will allow users to access the most important sources of information.

In Mexico, the media is governed by the principles of free expression, a right guaranteed in the Mexican Constitution. Mexico is the proud inheritor of a long journalistic tradition that, throughout its history, has distinguished itself for its role in observing, reporting, criticizing and being an influential mode of expression of public opinion in the country.

Currently, more than 25 general-interest dailies, and an equal number of weekly and monthly magazines are in circulation in Mexico City. In addition, more than 40 AM and FM radio stations and nine television stations offer a wide range of programming in Mexico's capital. Many of these media have national scope and coverage.

In recent years, together with changes in other spheres of national life (economic, political, cultural and social) some media, particularly at the state level, have increased their national influence. Today, the Mexican media offer a broad and varied perspective, a reflection of the political spectrum of Mexican society.