The Embassy of Mexico in Canada welcomes you to its Web page, an open door to the fascinating country of Mexico, its institutions and its people.

Here, you will find information on this Mission's activities and services, as well as on the most prominent aspects of the increasingly strong bilateral ties between Mexico and Canada.

Mexico has three Consulates General, one each in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, one Consular Agency in Calgary, and four Honourary Consulates, one each in Quebec City, St. John's, Dartmouth, and Regina.

Furthermore, given the dynamic nature of bilateral trade, Mexico has additional offices representing the Secretariats of the Economy (NAFTA Office) and of Tourism, as well as the National Bank of Foreign Trade (Bancomext) in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement entered into force (1994), bilateral trade has increased significantly, to almost nine billion US$ in 1998. This attests to Mexico's status as Canada's largest Latin American trading partner.

As part of the bilateral relationship, the Mexican Embassy also houses offices representing the Secretariats of Agriculture and Fisheries, as well as the Secretariat of National Defence and the Navy.

Mexico offers a wide variety of attractions to prospective visitors. Canadians have long enjoyed our beautiful beaches, our magnificent national parks and archaeological sites, and the historical richness of our colonial cities, all of which make Mexico one of the most popular tourist destinations.

We invite you to explore with us this dynamic, vital relationship and its enormous potential for mutual enrichment, to discover Mexico's most significant developments and to see our country through Mexican eyes. Our Web page gives you access to links for the main government institutions and non-governmental organizations that form our nation. Although you will find most reference documents in Spanish and English, a special effort is being made to include more French-language information.

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