We appreciate the interest of Canadians in offering their services as volunteers (non-paid) in various programs with Mexican institutions, churches, orphanages and different NGO's. However, please note that, in order to qualify as participant in a project or as volunteer in Mexico, the interested party will be required to apply for a visa at any of our consulates in Canada, by presenting the following documents:

1. A completed application form

2. A valid passport (good for at least 6 months).

3. Two letters: one written by the applicant, in which he or she explains the purpose of the trip, and a second letter, which states the activity the applicant will carry out, issued by the Mexican institution that has accepted the individual to work as a volunteer.

4. When a Canadian institution is sponsoring the applicant, the letter should explain the purpose of the trip, as well as include the assumption of responsibility by the sponsor to cover the applicant's expenses.

5. In certain cases, proof of economic solvency will be requested.

6. Two recent, passport-sized photos (2"x2"), on a white background, no eyeglasses.

7. If the visa is granted, a consular fee equivalent to US$98.00 will apply.

We advise all applicants to contact our Embassy and present their documents at least three weeks prior to their trip. In some cases, additional documentation may be needed, while in others, we will have to obtain authorization from the Mexican Immigration authorities.