Persons wishing to enter Mexico to participate in an internship program sponsored by any Canadian or Mexican institution, company or agency, or under any cooperation agreement, must obtain a visa at any of our consulates in Canada by presenting the following:

1. Visa application.Acrobat Reader

2. A valid passport (good for at least 6 months).

3. A letter from the institution sponsoring the applicant. The letter should explain the purpose of the trip in addition to stating the obligation of the sponsor to cover the applicant's expenses.

4. In certain cases proof of economic solvency will be requested

5. Two recent, passport-size photos 2"x2", white background, no eyeglasses.

6. If granted the visa, you will have to pay a consular fee equivalent to US$98.00 in Canadian funds.

7. Non-Canadian citizens must present a copy of their landed immigrant card.

8. An additional visa fee equivalent to US$36.00 in Canadian funds is required for certain nationalities.

We recommend that applicants contact our Embassy and present their documents at least three weeks before their trip. In some cases extra documents may be needed, and in others we will need to obtain authorization from the Mexican Immigration authorities.